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Make with Us

Tell your story through custom design.

Make with Us

Tell your story through custom design.

Unique Design

The physical spaces you inhabit should reflect who you are. My desire as a designer is to help a sense of identity to manifest itself seamlessly in your surroundings. That may be a personal identity in the case of a home, or it may be a brand identity in a workplace.  

Using only local artisans, we have control over every stage of the process to meet your specific needs and reflect your unique style.

Residential Project
Palm Springs, California

  • Interior styling, custom design, and manufacturing: headboards, bench, and nightstands.
  • Custom wood slider
  • Wall art shot by Miki Bauer on 35mm film
  • Custom concrete and marble coffee table and side tables
  • Outdoor landscaping and concrete design
Print and Elements artwork produced by Miki Bauer (available in our shop).


Whether you’re looking for a few custom pieces or redesigning your space completely, we will be there for every step of the process. We’ll work closely together with you to create a space that brings you joy, makes you feel at home, and reflects the unique identity you want to convey.
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Thanks so much for reaching out. I'll be in touch shortly and look forward to learning more about your project. Talk soon - Miki